Little bit about Kuchnia

Kuchnia Restaurant was the first Polish Restaurant in Yorkshire. In our restaurant we serve value – not food. At affordable prices you can try something a little bit different but also very traditional in a warm atmosphere.

Let’s meet together, experience Polish culture, spend good time and enjoy freshly prepared meals by our professional chefs.

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Our well trained floor and kitchen staff will take care of your every need.

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We cook our dishes from the freshest ingredients and always to the best standards.

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We have a wide range of Drinks and Cocktails made from fresh fruit and top quality spirits.

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We offer top quality catering and event service that covers all your business, corporate and private needs.


Call the Restaurant on 01482 446495 or use the booking form to book your table.

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Restaurant Menu

We cook our dishes from the freshest ingredients.

Please make our staff aware of any food alergies you may have prior to order.

Chleb ze smalcem i ogórkiem kiszonym.


Bread slice with lard and sour cucumber.

Zupa Dnia | Soup of the day


Please ask for the soup of the day.

Zapiekana Bułeczka


Casserole with chicken, cheese, mushrooms and peppers.

Kurczak marynowany


Marinated chicken breast in breadcrumbs.



Beef tartar with sour cucumber, onion and bread roll.

*Every course is served with three salads and either potatoes, sweet potatoes, chips, potato slices, rice or silesian dumplings*


Pierś jak Schab


Chicken breast with breadcrumbs.



Rolled chicken breast filled with cheese and mushrooms or butter and cheese.

Pierś z Ananasem i Serem.


Chicken Breast with cheese and pineapple on top.

Grilowana piers z kurczaka


Grilled chicken breast with grilled vegetables.

Dijon Chicken


Chicken Breast with Dijon sauce.

Broccoli Devolay


Another option with broccoli, asparagus, baby spinach and goat cheese.


BBQ Burger with chips


Chicken Breast with cheese and pineapple on top.

Placek po Węgiersku.


Hungarian style potato pancake served with beef stroganoff.

Stek Wołowy


Grilled beef steak served with creamy sauce.


Puplety w sosie pomidorowym.


Meatballs in creamy tomato sauce.



Cabbage parcels with pork mince and rice filling in creamy tomato sauce.

Karkówka w Sosie.


Flamed pork neck stewed in gravy sauce.

Żeberka w sosie własnym.


Flamed pork ribs stewed according to an old polish recipe.

Schab kowala.


Baked Pork escalope in breadcrumbs topped cheese with grilled polish sausage and onion.

Mielone po Farmersku.


Minced pork meat served with onion and fried egg.

Kotlet po Szwajcarsku.


Swiss style pork escalope filled with mushrooms, red peppers and cheese.

Golonka po Bawarsku.


Bavarian style ham shank served with sour fried cabbage and two sauces.


Pieczony filet z Łososia.


Baked Salamon filet with herbs.

Pstrąg z Grilla.


Grilled Rainbow Trout.

Okon Morski z Grilla.


Grilled Sea bass..



Mix salad with egg, cheese and vegetables.

Z pieczonym kozim serem i musem truskawkowo balsamicznym.


Mix salad with baked goat cheese in sesame served with strawberry mousse.



Salad with grilled chicken and tzatziki sauce.

Z kurczakiem i Awokado


Mix salad with chicken, an avocado and vegetables.

Frytki z Serem


Chips with cheese.

BBQ Beef Burger


Beef Burger marinated in Special BBQ sauce.

Farmer's Pizza


Cheese, ham, chicken, polish sausage, peppers, onions, sour cucumber, fried egg.



Pizza bread.

Smażony Ser.


Fried cheese in breadcrumbs served with sides from main course.

Płyta Biesiadna


Mix of Polish traditional sides.



Skewers with Polish sausage, chicken, pepper, onion and mushroom.

Lody Czekoladowe z Bakaliami.


Chocolate ice cream with nuts and dried fruits.

Owocowy Raj


Fruit Paradise.

Lody zabajane


Ice cream with amaretto based sauce.

Lody z Owocami


Ice cream with fruit.

Nalesnik z Lodami i Owocami


Pancake with ice cream, fruits and whipped cream.

*Every Kids Meal is served with potatoes or chips and free salad and scoop of icecream (Chocolate or Vanila)*



Small chicken tenders with breadcrumbs.

Nalesniki z Serem lub Dżemem


Pancake with cottage cheese or jam.

Placki Ziemniaczane ze Śmietana.


Potato pancakes with sour cream.

Pulpety w Sosie Pomidorowym.


Meat balls in rich tomato sauce.

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Hungry Thursday

Full Course Dinner
Soup and Main Course + three Salads and Dessert
Special offer applies to certain dishesh, Please ask


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